Sustainable urban development fund

Description of the fund

Impacto Andalucia is an Urban Development Fund managed by the Real Estate division of Arcano Capital SGIIC. It is a regulated vehicle, created to invest EUR 170M in projects of sustainable urban development in Andalucía.

The funds come from the ERDF program “Andalucía ERDF 2014-2020” and from the regional government of Andalucía, which delegates the management of its investment to the European investment Bank (EIB). The EIB selected Arcano Capital as manager for the investment of EUR 170M of these funds.

Requisitos generales de Estructura gráfico

The investment of the UDF can be made in market terms in different types of capital, both equity and quasi-equity as well as debt. Each project must have a minimum of 30% of private equity funds (debt or equity).

Vehicle investment period: subject to availability, before December 2023. Co-investment of 1% of Arcano Capital SGIIC in each project of the UDF portfolio.

Deuda financiera gráfico

Eligibility requirements

In order for a project to receive the investment from “Impacto Andalucía”, the project must comply with the following eligibility requirements, which can be classified as follows:


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